Frequently asked Questions

What do you make?

We make desserts and sweet snacks.  We make a selection of pies, cakes and tarts as well as cookies, squares, scones and other treats.  Some of our flavours change with the seasons, check out our current menu in the links above or to the left.  Everything is made fresh in the morning and available for pick up throughout the day.  You don’t need to order in advance, you can just pop in, but if you have something specific in mind give us a call and we can set it aside for you so it doesn’t sell out before you get there.

What are your hours?

We are open from 9-6 Tuesday through Friday and 11-5 on Saturday.  We are closed on Sunday and Monday.

Do you make bread?

No we don’t make bread.  There are some really skilled and wonderful bread bakers in town.  We thought we’d try and do something new and avoid stepping on toes.

Do you make cupcakes?

Yes, every Friday.  If you need them another day of the week you can order them, we just require a minimum order of one dozen.  Check out the ‘Special Orders’ page for information.

Do you make soup or sandwiches?

I’m afraid not, we tried making some sandwiches on our cheddar scones but they weren’t always as popular as they needed to be.  We decided that we’d keep the focus on our desserts since they are really what we are all about.  We might try sandwiches again in the future once we get a little bigger.

Why don’t you have tables?

We are very flattered that you like us enough to want to hang out, but we don’t have a public washroom nor do we really have the space to add one.  We also don’t have that much space to squeeze in tables.  One day far in the future we’d like to expand and invite you to sit in, but until then we’re just here for takeout.  If you’d like to sit and enjoy the view of the river, is a patio so you can grab a snack and sit outside in the sunshine.

Where do you get your coffee?

Our coffee is from the Midnight Sun, we brew their Organic Espresso for our espresso drinks.

Where is the parking?

At the north end of the building (down where Beauty Bar is) there is parking for the building.  I know it seems like its a little ways away, but the sidewalk is covered and you’ll be safe from the rain or snow, also, walking is good for you, and your efforts will be rewarded with something delicious.   If your just stopping in quickly to pick up a large order of things, or if you have limited mobility, we’ve been told that you can stop in the lane right in front.  Please try not to park there for too long though, it limits the traffic flow in the lane.

Do you have anything gluten free/sugar free/dairy free/vegan?

We are pretty traditional with our recipes.  We try and use simple, high quality ingredients that you would have been able to find in your Grandma’s kitchen.  This means we don’t make too much for people with special dietary needs.  We do make a mousse cake that has no flour.  We promise that its not  because we like gluten-free people more than anyone else, its just because mousse is delicious and luckily it just doesn’t need any flour.  We also have a cheddar scone that has no sugar in it.  Unfortunately we don’t have anything Vegan or dairy free, almost everything has butter in it.

Do you do custom decorating?

We can write messages on any of the cakes and some of the pies/tarts, but we don’t do fancy decorating (cakes that look like superheros or tiered wedding cakes etc).  We can also mix and match the icings and the cakes, for example if you’d like our vanilla cake with chocolate frosting or cream cheese instead of our standard white chocolate vanilla bean frosting.  We can write on the cakes any time and it doesn’t take too long, just ask us when you come to pick up your dessert.  If you’d like a different frosting on your cake please give us a couple of days notice.  Click the ‘Special Orders’ link either above or to the the left for information about special orders.

Do you make Wedding Cakes?

We don’t make the tiered, extravagant cakes traditionally associated with wedding cakes.  We can make our cakes in larger sizes and people have ordered them for weddings in the past.  Our vanilla cake is especially popular for weddings.

Do you cater?

We are happy to put together large orders, individual desserts, or larger cakes for any event you have coming up, we just don’t deliver.  If you don’t mind coming over to pick up your order all the info you need can be found on the ‘Special Orders’ page.

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