Winter Menu

December, January & February


Pear Pie with Cranberry Almond Crumble

Sliced pears sweetened with honey and maple topped with a caramelized butter crumble, slivered almonds and toasted cranberries


red velvet

Red Velvet with Southern Comfort

Red velvet cake is a marriage of cocoa and vanilla.  Ours also has a hint of southern comfort which ads a subtle depth to the flavour of the cake.  If you are concerned about alcohol in your baking, please know that the southern comfort is included in the cake batter and the alcohol cooks off during baking


chocolate tart 2

Chocolate Cranberry Tart

Sweet dough crust filled with dark chocolate ganache and blanched cranberries.  Topped with slivered almonds and drizzled chocolate.


black velvet

Black Velvet Cake

A play on the flavour combinations of red velvet, our black velvet cake is lightly flavoured with chocolate as well as vanilla and espresso.  It is dressed in the same creamy chocolate frosting that we use on our grandma’s chocolate cake.


xmas mince

Mince Pie

(December Only)

A mix of apples, pears, dried fruits, citrus, honey, maple, port, brandy and spices.  Our mince pie is vegetarian and is made with butter.


vanilla cake 2

As per usual, the Vanilla cake with White Chocolate Vanilla Bean frosting will be sticking around




Our Grandma’s Chocolate Cake will also be staying through the winter.


We make additional goodies for Christmas, please see click the ‘Christmas’ button on the menu above or to the right.


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