Eggnog Cheesecake

Creamy New York style cheesecake flavoured with eggnog, nutmeg and a hint of rum.


xmas mince

Mince Pie

A mix of apples, pears, dried fruits, citrus, honey, maple, port, brandy and spices.  Our mince pie is vegetarian and is made with butter.


Mince Tarts


Decorated Shortbread

Decorated shortbread gift boxes

cookie - shortbread stars

Shortbread Stars

Available in lemon, cranberry, and traditional


cookie shortbread wheel

Traditional Shortbread Wheel

cookie tin - small 2

Small Cookie Tins

contains three assorted caramel bites, two traditional shortbread, one almond shortbread, one gingerbread man, and two mini sugared shortbread.

cookie tin large 2

Large Cookie Tins

contains four assorted caramel bites, three traditional shortbread, three almond shortbread, three gingerbread men, three mini sugared shortbread, one sugar cookie candy cane, and one decorated shortbread

Candy cane sugar cookies

xmas spiced pecans

Sweet Spiced Pecans

toasted pecans tossed in a crunchy mix of sugar, maple, spices and, whisky


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