Spring Menu

March, April, and May

lemon cake

The Lemon cake is bright and lemony throughout with three layers of real, fresh lemon flavour.  Lemony golden yellow cake layered with lemon curd (lemon pudding) and covered in cream cheese frosting with a bit of lemon curd mixed in.


milk chocolate nutella mousse

The Milk Chocolate Nutella Mousse is made without flour.  For those of you who love flour and frown on the alchemy of gluten free baking, fear not, there’s no funny business in our mousse.  Mousse just doesn’t need any flour, it’s been gluten free since long before gluten free became cool.



Our Grandma’s Chocolate cake is a deep rich chocolatey cake (not unlike a devil’s food cake) covered in a creamy whipped chocolate frosting.



Coconut sparkle

Lightly flavoured with coconut and filled with rainbow sprinkles


(Picture coming soon)

Peanut Butter Chocolate

Dark Chocolate cake layered with chocolate ganache and covered a peanut butter and honey frosting


lemon tart

Our Lemon Tart is made of creamy lemon curd in a sweet dough shortbread crust.



Strawberry Rhubarb Pie with crumble topping in a traditional flaky pastry shell.



Blueberry Pear Pie with crumble topping in a traditional flaky pastry shell.


4 thoughts on “Spring Menu

  1. Any chance of plain scones for the Royal wedding weekend. Lots of ladies getting up early and may want plain scones, l love your scones, cream and jam, with mimosas. 😎

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