Welcome to Science Thursdays

First off, ‘science’ is sort of a catch all term at the bakeshop, it covers recipe research, testing and any other general experimentation.  Like most of my best ideas, I stole it.  It comes from an episode of Mythbusters.

science thursday

This was my attempt to justify spending an afternoon making something random.  Whether it was just because I was bored and wanted to try my hands at something new or wanted to eat something that I was craving.  But I wrote everything down, so it was science and I wasn’t screwing around.

Even though I really was.

Now though, now I am going to stop using Adam Savage’s wisdom to camouflage my own procrastination.  I’m going to give these experiments a reason.  I will be making the science available to everyone, so you can learn along with us.  I’ll post my research on our website so you can seethe new recipes if you want to try them at home and engage in some science of your own.  I’m going to sell what I make so that I can justify doing it at work.  The second Thursday of every month there will be a brand new recipe for you to try.  Lastly, I am going to start doing it for a cause.  A portion of the profit from each Science Thursday will be sent to a charity.  I’ll choose different charities for each experiment, so if you have a favourite cause you’d like to see us support feel free to send in some suggestions.

Welcome to Science Thursdays everyone.

Our first one happens next week, if your excited to try what me make you can always call us and we will set some of the featured dessert aside for you to try.